About Bridal Planner Group

The digital age is upon us. The Internet is shifting the marketing of wedding vendors away from traditional formats to websites, e-commerce and email. Since the creation of the Bridal Planner Group, Inc in 1995, the Internet's number one wedding solution, the Internet market has grown and changed rapidly with businesses of all sizes undergoing changes as profound as those witnessed during the Industrial Revolution.

The Internet is transforming the wedding business immeasurably, presenting opportunities the likes of which the world has never seen. The Internet is the fastest growing sales and marketing channel in history and by far the most efficient and cost-effective communications tool on earth and has become an increasingly critical tool, vital to wedding vendors of varying sizes.

Since Internet market has matured over the past few years so has it changed. Where once an email address was a wedding vendors key requirement, you now need more. The Bridal Planner Group, Inc focuses on delivering the highest quality Internet solutions to wedding professionals and reinvents itself every six to twelve months, continually innovating and improving the services offered to wedding vendors to maintain its lead in a fiercely competitive market.

This diversity allows the Bridal Planner Group, Inc to offer fully thought out approaches that are tailored to each wedding vendors specific needs.